Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sound Off Sunday (4)


Sound Off Sunday is a weekly event hosted by Reading Between Classes.  This is your chance to speak your mind.  Each week will feature a new question or topic on which you can share your thoughts.

This week's Sound Off topic is: Do-Not-Read Shelves

If you peruse my books on Goodreads, you will notice that I have two of these shelves.  

The first is No-Due-To-Author-Shenanigans.  If an author mis-treats a reviewer and/or engages in general assholery, I do not want to support them with my hard earned dollars.  That is my right as a consumer.  With a new scandal of authors behaving badly every week, I found this shelf to be a necessity in order to keep track of which authors I wished to avoid.  The list keeps getting longer and longer.  Occasionally, I will get a troll on there telling me that I am hurting the author's reputation and that this is bullying.  To the first point - they did that already, I am simply getting the word out to the miniscule percentage of the internet that actually cares what I think and no, I do not think I am impacting their sales - though I can only wish to one day actually be that important.  To the second point - no, this is not bullying, this is shelving.  I do not review these books, I do not rate these books, I just stick them on a shelf so that I can remember that Suzy Suck A Lot was a total bitch to a reviewer who dared to give her 3/5 stars.  GASP!

The second shelf is No-Due-To-Being-Shit.  This is a special place for all those books that are so crap-tastic that they need their own shelf.  Usually books get placed here because of a myriad of bad reviews (Hush Hush), excerpts that display shitty writing (Fifty Shades of Gray), A premise that is downright insulting (How to Save Your Daughter's Life) or one that simply shouldn't exist (Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secret Steps to Finding Your Edward or Jacob).  Again, I have trolls tell me that I shouldn't do this - especially since I haven't read the books - but it is my account and my shelf and I can do what I want with it as long as I am acting within Goodreads code of conduct.

Other shelves of note are 
1) Slit-Wrist-Before-Reading-Sequel - just in case I forget how much I HATED the previous book 
2) Am-I-Being-Punked - for those books that are filled with WTFery
3) And of course, Did-Not-Finish - for those books that I simply could not make it through, no matter how much tequila I drank.

Thanks for reading and if you want to share your thoughts on this topic I would love for you to leave your link in the comments! 


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