Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feature & Follow Friday (10) - I'm Featured!

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I am so excited that I am featured this week!! Thank you Parajunkee & Alison Can Read!

For those new visitors, I am a teacher and mom who loves to inspire young readers and to talk books with pretty much anyone.  I read mostly YA but throw in an adult novel or two every now and then.  I hope everyone enjoys their visit to my little slice of the internet.

This week's question is:

Q: Do your reading habits change based on your mood? Do you read a certain genre if you are feeling depressed or happy?

My reading habits definitely change based on my mood and whether or not I am working.  They also change based on the season.  During the summer, I love light, interesting reads that keep me coming back for more.  In the September, when I head back to work, I find my reading slowing down since I am so tired at the end of the day and need a really engrossing read to keep me going.  October leaves me craving creepy novels (and I sometimes save some special reads for this time) and the winter months are when I usually move from YA to the longer, and often more demanding, adult novels that have been languishing away on the bottom of my to-be-read pile.  And sometimes, within the seasons, it is my moods themselves that help me choose my next book.  If I am lonely or depressed, I look for comfort - usually through re-reading an old favorite or picking up something humorous.  Feeling happy tends to make me reach for Magical Realism where I know I can find a light romance and a little magic.   

I always find it really interesting in January to go back through my books on GoodReads over the previous year and see the changes from season to season and mood to mood.  

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Unknown said...

Great Answer! And a BIG congratulations on the feature! Stopping through with My FF!
Happy Friday!

Crystal B. said...

Congrats on being featured!!! Love you response and how you something humorous picks you up after a long day at work! New follower :)

Billy Burgess said...

I'm a new GFC follower!

Here is my follow Friday.

Sonnie said...

Congrats on being featured :D

I agree, I save my creepier reads for October! I'm really excited because I'm doing a blog hop for some scarier novels for the whole month!

*New follower via GFC :)

-Sonnie @ Lit Girl: Confessions of a Future Librarian

Scarlett said...

New Follower! I think it's so interesting that you've noticed how much of a seasonal reader you are. I'm definitely a genre mood reader, but am all over the map in terms of seasons. Congrats on being chosen as the feature!

Here's a link to mine!

Chelsey said...

I crave creepy reads in October too, something awful!!

New follower (: Congrats on being a featured blogger!!

Chelsey@Charming Chelsey's

Chrystina said...

Congrats on being featured!!! New follower via GFC, you can find my FF Here :) Hope you have a great weekend!
Chrystina @BookLiaison

Unknown said...

Congratulations on being featured this week! :) I'm a new GFC follower :)


Unknown said...

Grats on being featured!! I'm an old follower (:
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Lee @ Rally the Readers said...

Congrats on being featured this week! I like rereading an old favorite from time to time, too.

New GFC follower. :) Our FF

The Brunette Librarian said...

Congratulations on being featured :)

I've never been by and its lovely to stop! While my moods don't change what I'm reading, I totally agree with reading creepy books in October. I looove Christmas books in December :)

The Brunette Librarian Blog

bookbitereviews said...

That really is interesting how your reading changes from season to season. I never really thought about it like that and I guess I would be the same way.

Congrats on being featured!!

New Follower,

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. Congrats on being featured! I've never thought about creepy books in October. Of course, I'm not usually a creepy book person.
My Hop

BLHmistress said...

Congrats being featured! I tend to lean towards favorites when having a bad day.


A.N. Lewis said...

Way to be featured! I don't we always realize how our moods affect everything we do, even reading.

Unknown said...

Congrats on being featured! I'm the opposite. I can read a light summery read in the dead of Oct. and then turn around and read something dark and mysterious in the middle of July ^_^

New follower via GFC :)


Ana♥ @ Beach Bum Reads

Mary said...

Congrats on the feature! I can totally relate to reading changing according to the seasons. Loved your answer!


Mary @ Books Equal Brains

Uomo di Speranza said...

Magical realism rocks! Read Marquez's ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF won't regret it!

P.S: I'm a new follower! Don't be afraid to fearlessly visit my "Frivolously Follow Me this Friday!" post. Many thanks to you!

grace said...

Congrats on being featured! I am a new follower. I am the opposite. My moods or don't really dictate what I read. I can read anything at any time.

My Follow Friday.

Emily said...

Congrats on being featured! New follower! :)

Sarah@Catching Books said...

Congrats on being this weeks feature!! I am a new follower :)

Ning said...

congrats on being features!! I'm like ur opposite lol. When I'm depressed I'll go read depressing books. New follower!


Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

1600 Words A Day said...

It feels so funny doing these posts because if I put the response I posted on my blog in the comments, I feel like I'm repeating myself, but if I change it up, I feel like I'm being dishonest ;-) I think my reading preferences really depend on the circumstances. Slow times in the summer as well as Christmas vacation usually prompt me to read those books that everyone has been telling me I should read, but I haven't had the time to put the thought into them I think they deserve. When I'm stressed about work or life, I go escapist: Jack London, Jon Krakauer---totally into the wilderness.

MzAlisaKay said...

Congrats on being the feature! I didn't think I changed my reading preference based on seasons because I read whatever I want to whenever. But after you mentioned reading scary books around October, I thought, "yeah, that makes sense. I do that too!" Never realized that, lol.

I'm a new follower through GFC. You can find my FF here.

Unknown said...

Congrats on being featured! You read a lot of different books! I mostly stick to the same books, but maybe that will change in the future.

Helene @ Helene's World of Books

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the Follow Friday hop, have a great weekend and stop by my blog if you have the time. I’m a new follower


Michelles Paranormal Vault Of Books said...

Congrats on being featured, its fun, I was last week, kept me busy, lol.
I already am a follower
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Kimberly said...

Wow! You read books based on the season - pretty cool. Congrats on being featured! I'm a new follower via Linky!

My FF Post

Unknown said...

Great blog here! I love knowing more blogs to follow!

I followed you via RSS! Hope you could drop by the blog :)

Jaylyn @ Promiscuos Diva

Kyra said...

Happy Friday! Hopping through!

Congrats on the feature! And my moods also can sometimes change during the seasons! :)

New GFC follower! :)

Here is my FF post:

Rachel Cotterill said...

I like to read seasonal books, too - especially Christmas books in December. New follower :)

Kathryne (Paperback Fantasies) said...

Oh good answer. I do find myself wanting to read different things throughout the year!


I'm a new GFC follower!

Michelle SedeƱo said...

Yay, congrats on being featured!
New follower.
Here's mine:
Happy Friday!

Amz said...

I love your answer, reading based on the seasons, my moods are too fickle for that.
New follower.

Unknown said...

Congrats on being featured and great answer! I forgot about seasons! I also love to read scary books in October and I love to read Christmas books in December and wintery books. I also love fun light summer romances during the summer!
New GFC & Linky follower!

Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms said...

Congrats on the feature! Seasonal books are a great idea. Here's my FF post for this week if you're interested in my answer.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Dee said...

Congrats on the feature!

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Jamie said...

Yeah on being the feature! I tend to try to read scary or ghost-like stories in October, too, lol!

FOllowed you via GFC!

Happy Friday!

Here's our FF

Mel@Thedailyprophecy said...

Congratulations on being feature! I'm an old follower, just stopping by ^^

How funny to see how your habits change on your mood and seaon! :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being featured! I'm a new follower on GFC. Have a great weekend! :)

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Unknown said...

Happy Friday! Hopping through!
Have a great day, new follower!


Anonymous said...

Awesome answer!

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Unknown said...

I love your blog. I think it is really fantastic that you started so you could find books for students. Very very cool. I had a teacher in school that used to bring me her old Nancy Drew novels.

My F&F

Unknown said...

Great answer. I'm a new follower via GFC. Congrats on being a feature this week! Here's my FF:

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more.. I hope you have a great Friday! New Follower..
Ashley @ #BookNerd

Angie said...

Congrats on being featured! New follower. :)

Here's Mine @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

Unknown said...

I hadn't really noticed my habits until posed this question ~ but they do change based on my mood and perhaps season, now that you mentioned it.

Congratulations on being featured - great blog!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! on being featured.

Lindz said...

Congrats on being Featured.

I am an older Follower and your response was lovely and I enjoy your answer.

Unknown said...

Great answer! I'm often the same way with my book choices... but mostly just all over the place. :)
New follower! Congratulations on being featured!
Here's mine:

kathy said...

Congrats on being the featured blogger! I'm following. :)

I love that you change what you read seasonally. I like a light book in the summer, too, but I'd never really thought about it before.

Christina @ Biblio Thoughts said...

Congrats on being featured! New follower :)

My reading habits don't really change much, but I love how yours changes with the season.

My FF:

@MelissaJoLynn_ said...

That's a good idea to go on goodreads and see how your tastes have changed. I might have to do th lol. My Feature & Follow Friday Post

Renee - Succotash Reviews and The Cookbook Papers said...

Hi - Congrats on the feature! I like how your tastes in books change seasonally. Sometimes the season sets the mood we're in.

Happy FF - New GFC follower!
Renee @ Succotash Reviews

Nina said...

Hopping by and saying hello & that I'm a new follower! I'm a teacher as well, History teacher, just graduated! :) Love your answer to the question too. ;)

Liesel K. Hill said...

Hopping through! Great answer! Luv that you're a teacher and recommend things to your student! New follower via GFC. I'm at LKHill and Musings on Fantasia if you want to follow back! Happy Friday! :D

Unknown said...

Hello! Stopping by from the blog hop. New follower via GFC. Please follow back at

I read whether I'm sad, happy or mad. It's all a wonderful distraction. :)

Unknown said...

Congrats on the feature and that's really interesting that your tastes change by seasons. I'm a new follower via GFC. You can find my FF at

Alisa Selene said...
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Alisa Selene said...

I am hopping through. Congratulations of being featured! I am teacher as well, though not a classroom teacher..I am an art teacher. I likewise like books based on the seasons.

Leah Marie said...

I didn't think about the change in seasons, but I think I'm the same in summer. I like the light easy reads.

Congrats on the feature! New follower via GFC.

Reading With My Eyes Shut

Jennifer said...

I love how your reading changes with the seasons. I'll have to check out my GR shelves and see if I do something similar. Congrats on the feature! I'm a new GFC and Goodreads follower.

Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

littleread1 said...

Congrats on being a feature! I am a new Linky follower. I must admit I have not given that much thought to my reading during the seasons, now I am curious.

Check my post out here

Cassi Haggard said...

Congrats on the feature! I like how you have seasonal reads. I actually have seasonal hobbies lol.

Old follower! My follow friday! Please visit!

Nanda said...

Congrats on the feature! I love that idea, to check to see what types of books you read throughout the year and to think back to how you were feeling at the time.

The Scarf Princess said...

Congrats on being featured this week! I'm now following you via GFC and feel free to visit me whenever you get a chance.

The Scarf Princess...

Unknown said...

Hello :), I'm new to Feature & Follow. Just found out about it and just joined. I followed you on Twitter, Goodreads, and joined your site. I like what I see :). Visit my site and let me know what you think.

BTW, while reading your answer to the question I can definitely relate. Season changes also affect my reading, too.

Goldie said...

Hey there! Found you via the Feature and Follow by Parajunkee and Alisoncanread :) New follower here! :)

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