Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Lessons

Ah September.  For a teacher, this is the most hectic month of the year.  For a teacher who has just ended a year of maternity leave, it is a massive lifestyle change.  My first few weeks as a working mom were more than hectic but I finally feel I am getting my feet under me.  I am settling in at my new school and (slowly) learning everyone's names!  The munchkin is doing well at daycare but seems to have developed some separation anxiety as he now cries whenever I leave the room - so much for private bathroom time!  I have learned a few things already

1. Traffic is made better by audio books.  Just last week, I started listening to A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff.  Now, I am actually looking forward to my drive at the beginning and end of each day!  The only downfall is that I really want to keep listening once the drive is done but am forcing myself to save it (audiobooks are EXPENSIVE!).  I do know about sites like Audible, but am waiting to see if I stick with it (and get through the ones that I already have) before I sign up.

2.  Even non-English teachers should have books in their room.  When I got to the school, I found a tiny little bookshelf that fit perfectly next to my front door.  Since then, I have filled it with some of my favorite YA books that I purchased in the last year or so.  I am having a great time chatting with kids about books (one even told me "Ms, you have really good taste in books!") and I really think it is important to spread the message that reading is not something to be confined to English class. 

3.  Scheduling reading time is HARD.  I am up at 6AM, off to daycare at 7AM, at the school before 8AM, out at 4PM, daycare and home by 4:30/5PM, Supper, Bath and then Baby Bedtime at 7PM.  That leaves a whopping 3 hours each evening when I can:

a) Read
b) Watch TV or a Movie
c) Spend time with Fiance
d) Call my mother
e) Do Laundry, Clean the Kitchen, Scrub the floors etc. 
f) Prep supper for the next day
g) Shower

I am finding myself putting books aside left and right because they are missing that special something that grabs (and keeps) my attention enough to lure me away from all of the other things that I could be doing during those few short hours.  Heaven help me when I have to start correcting at night!

There you have it.  I have learned a few things so far, and I am sure that there are more lessons to come.

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Alisa Selene said...

I am teacher too so I can relate..we started in August though so apply the same a month ahead!
I feel you on finding time to read and relax!

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