Friday, April 18, 2014

OMG! Have You Seen This Cover: The Creeptastic Edition

Lots of incredible covers this week.  I was especially struck by how many fantastically creepy images have made it onto what sounds like some amazingly scary books.

I love all of these covers.  Lets start with The Cure for Dreaming.  I love how all of the elements of this cover work together.  It has a wonderfully old fashioned feel and the font is perfect.  The image of the levitating girl completely drew me in and I want to know more about this story.

The Lesser Dead cover is incredible with the hand drenched in blood that is ALMOST touching the girl's lips.  The dark scratches on the cover are an interesting touch that I haven't seen before and really adds some nice texture.

The Evil Librarian cover is such an interesting concept!  Any person who would draw on a library book would HAVE to be evil, right?!  I love the little details like the library sticker on the side and really hope that they will be wrapped around the physical copy. 

Say Her Name has an awesome creepy feel.  Who hasn't heard the Bloody Mary story or even tried it out themselves?  If this were the result of those teenage dares, no one would ever try it again!  I love how nearly everything is white with elements of red that pop.  I also appreciate the ethereal glowing of the author's name. 


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