Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bitch Please! Moronic Hunger Games Review and Fantastic Beanie Baby Video

Some people make me shake my head.  Usually they think this means I am just exasperated, actually it means I am questioning how they manage to dress themselves in the morning.  The following video leaves me wondering what life choices led this young lady to this point.

 Firstly, I try not to judge people's style (who am I kidding, I judge people's style all the time, Judge, Judge, Judge), from the bleach blonde hair to the fake eyelashes and nails, heavy makeup and BOOBTASTIC top - seriously? Did someone publish a book on how to look like a bimbo that all these girls are following?

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Dear Young, Impressionable Females of the world, Looking and sounding like a moron is NOT ATTRACTIVE!  You will never meet a quality guy like this, you will meet men who want to have a little fun and then dump you on the side of the curb.

As for the content, Bitch Please. The underlying message of The Hunger Games is about 1) questioning how we treat our fellow human beings 2) the overwhelming strength of Katniss' convictions and Peeta's love and 3) the moral implications of fighting for survival and yes, you were too stupid to get that. 

So now, a message from the world of people who ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK

And now, just to cleanse the palate of that disgusting bile, The Hunger Games: Beanie Baby Style!


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