Friday, July 13, 2012

Feature & Follow Friday (8)

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This week's question is:

Q: What drove you to start book blogging in the first place?
Firstly, I started blogging because I wanted to start buying more YA books to build my classroom library.  Of course, in order to vet these books before putting them in my student's hands, I needed to read them and make notes about appropriateness.  I did some searching and noticed that I couldn't find anyone who clearly and concisely listed the issues a parent might have with a book regarding Sex, Violence and Substance Abuse.  I thought that by blogging and reviewing, I could make these notes available and, perhaps, help the parents and teachers out there who are concerned about what their kids read, but don't have the time to read every book before their child does.  

I am much more strict about the books that I recommend to my students than I would be to my own children.  This is because you never know what personal beliefs a child and/or parent has and what content they might find offensive.  The last thing I ever want is to have a parent object to a book that I have given their child.  I hope that, through my blog, I am helping other teachers to avoid an uncomfortable situation.
Secondly, I read A LOT.  Far more than any of my friends.  I also read YA, a genre that none of my friends read.  Before I started blogging, I was aching for someone to talk to about my books.  Someone to share my thoughts with and have them agree or disagree.  I attempted to find YA readers in my area - no luck, I put out feelers for starting a YA Book Club - no one showed interest.  Blogging provides me with that connection to other readers.  It makes reading a little less of a solitary activity and has helped me "meet" some great people - though I am always open to starting a real life YA book club.... anyone?


I talk books! said...

Great answer.
Blogging is a great way to meet people who read the same kind of books.
Love your blog. Looking forward to your reviews. New Follower!

Concise Reviews By Michelle said...

I understand your reasons completely, though its not why I started mine, but I have a 19 year old, but about5-6 year ago, of course she was younger, so I would read some books she was interested in, to see if appropriate. (Harry Potter books were one of the first, then fell in love with them,) Twilight was another when it came out I read because of her, and of course fell in love with them too. (i am not ashamed! Lol)I do read books for adults, as long as not erotica, as those tend to lack story for me, and make me blush, lol. (if its mild, then its fine, as long as a good story)
I am a new follower too, just fyi
here is my FF Post

Karen said...

I agree with you! I always yearned for people to talk to about the books I've read and didn't have anyone because all of my friends weren't into reading like me! So great being able to talk to people online who love books just as much as you do. (: Now following you!
Here is my FF :

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