Friday, May 11, 2012

Feature & Follow Friday (3)

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This week's question is

Q:What are some of your favorite books with a strong mother/child relationship
I didn't realize how difficult this question would be.  In the YA world, it is pretty much a given that the main character is either going to have parents who are dead or have an estranged relationship with them.  As such, it is difficult to even come up with books that FEATURE a mom.  That said, I did come up with one.

In Divergent Tris falls into the trap of being a teenager who thinks she knows who her mother is.  She assumes that what she has seen on the outside is all there is to her mother.  As the story progresses and moves into Insurgent, Tris begins to learn details about her mother that she never thought possible and realizes that she did not know this woman, and her dark secrets, at all.

I think we all go through this as we age.  As children, we have a very limited view as to who our parents are.  When we become teenagers we are SURE that we know who they are (and convinced that they are LAME).  It is only as adults that we begin to discover some of the hardships and struggles that made our parents who they are.  If we are lucky enough to have a relationship where parent and child are treated as equals, we can learn things about our parents that we never imagined, and in doing so, learn things about ourselves as well.


Jamie said...

I had a tough time with this question, but I also chose Divergent along with another book!

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Reading 'n' Reviewing said...

I couldn't decide who to include for this, I find that with YA books it is so hard to find a strong bond.


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Jac said...

I love the subtle part that Tris mother plays for most of Divergent, then all of a sudden WOW, ok - she's there. It just really snuck up on me, but I loved it.

-Jac @ For Love and Books

Catie @ Movies in my Head said...

I am ashamed to say I haven't started reading these yet.

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